Aberdeen's humble beginnings date back as early as the 1700s when Highlanders fled Scotland for the shores of North Carolina and migrated up the Cape Fear River. Originally called Bethesda, in the mid-1850’s the name was changed to Blue’s Crossing, in honor of Malcolm Blue. Soon after, the Civil War brought turmoil and decimation to the area as many of the local men fought and died in battle. The men that survived returned to start new businesses, laying the foundation for the era of prosperity to come.

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With the completion of the Raleigh & August Railroad after the Civil War, the improved transportation transformed Aberdeen into the commercial center of Moore county, allowing the tar, pitch and turpentine industry to blossom. Soon after, farming became a staple of the area, followed by the birth of the resort industry.

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Today, Aberdeen has embraced the history found in the downtown district but has also progressed with the development of new businesses, charming shops, restaurants and hotels.  Visit www.TownOfAberdeen.net to learn more.