Southern Pines

Southern Pines

In 1887, the idyllic town of Southern Pines was developed on 675 acres of land purchased by James T. Patrick. Originally designed as a stop over for weary northern travelers heading to and from Florida, Southern Pines was built with the railroad tracks running right through the center of town. This thoughtful planning, in conjunction with Patrick's vision of turning the area into a health resort, allowed Southern Pines to become a successful and thriving community.

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Through the decades, James Boyd and his family contributed to the growth and prosperity of Southern Pines. In 1903, the Boyd family built Weymouth Heights and developed 500 acres into lots for future homes. But perhaps the Boyd family's most enduring legacy is their vision of a triving equestrian community in Southern Pines. With over 4,000 acres of riding trails, Southern Pines now offers the Walthour Moss Foundation, and hundreds of near by horse farms, a must see for equestrian lovers of all ages.

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