Weather & Climate

Southern Pines

Today, April 30, 2016


69 °F

Weather forecast from, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the NRK

North Carolina is known for its agreeable weather: In most of the state, extreme conditions are both infrequent and short-lived. In the Home of American Golf®, spring (early March to mid-May) and fall (late September to mid-November) are prime times for a round — or most any other outdoor pursuit —  with superb course conditions and sunny, pleasant days the norm. Most other times of the year, crowds are smaller. Even in midwinter, when mornings may be punctuated by a frost or freeze but the crisp days tend to moderate nicely, and in midsummer, there’s good value to be had for world-class golf.

weather stars

Winter: December to Early February

44.9° - 45.6° F 7.2° - 7.5° C, Least Expensive, Readily Available Tee Times.

Many more good weather days than bad. Most courses wide open and uncrowded. Ideal for the flexible traveler looking for great values. Interesting visual contrast between over-seeded green fairways and dormant rough Bermuda. Easier to book that "ideal" tee time.

weather tulips

Spring: Mid-March to Mid-May

51.8° - 70.0° F 11.0°-21.1° C, Most Expensive, Least Availability

What golf is all about. Dogwoods, azaleas in bloom, Carolina blue skies, crisp clean air. Make your reservations well in advance for weekend play to insure your course selections. Weekdays offer greater availability.

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Summer: Mid-June to September

75.1° - 78.9° F 23.9°-26.0° C, Moderate Expense, Moderate Availability.

Good value, good conditions. Bermuda fairways are fully grown in. Lots of time to play early and late to avoid mid-day heat. Still need to plan in advance for prime weekend times.

weather pumpkin

Late Fall: Mid-November to December

51.9° - 64.0° F 11.1°-17.8° C, Moderate Expense, Moderate Availability.

Grab a sweater and enjoy less crowded conditions and usually sparkling clear days. Occasional frost may delay your morning start time, but it's well worth the wait! Some weekends preferred times will fill up quickly, so don't delay calling.