Economic Impact

North Carolina Golf Economic Summary Report

  • State travel expenditures exceeded $18.4 billion in 2011, supporting over 187,900 full-time jobs. Travel and tourism is the second largest private employer in the nation, employing 1 of every 17 jobs in the United States.
  • Moore County’s share of these domestic tourism revenues was over $374.2 million in 2011.
  • On average, that means in excess of $1,025,205 is pumped into the economy via travel and tourism every day.
  • Moore County currently ranks 11th in the state in total travel expenditures of the 100 North Carolina counties (its population places it 32nd).
  • Direct employment base required to support the travel industry in Moore County is 4,880 people. The payroll of those employed in tourism related jobs exceeds $81.3 million annually.
  • Thousands of other Moore County residents indirectly depend on the travel industry for their livelihood: retail merchants, financial services, real estate firms, food and beverage vendors, construction trades, etc.
  • Visitor industry supports state and local governments through payment of sales, real estate, income, and accommodation taxes. In Moore County, visitors generated $31.56 million annually in state and local taxes, representing savings in excess of $1,065 annually for every household in Moore County.
  • In the State of North Carolina and its 100 counties, Moore County ranks third in total travel revenues generated per capita, meaning that local government and its citizens rely heavily on travel revenues. Without tourism support, many of the amenities in the county would not be available for the residents to enjoy.
  • It is vital that the Convention and Visitors Bureau, working in concert with the local travel industry and business community, use every available resource to maintain market-share of travel, and the valuable dollars tourism provides the economy.
  • Golf/Tourism Industry in Moore County is --
    • 43 courses—720 holes, which equates to total potential capacity (supply) of 2.2 million rounds a year (based on 300 playable days).
    • Course make up is 64% semi-private, 21% public and 15% private.
    • Rounds played are 30% package, 23% public, 40% member and 6% other.
    • In 2009, a total of 1.0 million rounds were played in Moore County.
    • On average, 1.1 rounds of golf are played by each visitor to Moore County.
    • A major economic force, golf generated over $50 million in greens and cart fees in 2009, and is a major component of 50% of the 1.1 million annual visitors to Moore County each year.
    • The tax value associated with the 43 golf courses, their clubhouse facilities and the accompanying real estate associated with the golf development was $6.51 billion in 2009 or 31.4% of the total tax value of Moore County, NC.