A Day in the Life

On an average day in 2011, visitors to Moore County, NC spent:

$138,171   on hotels, motels, resorts for lodging
205,538   on food and beverage purchases
288,667   on recreation at golf courses and tennis facilities
 158,415   on other retail purchases at variety of shops, antique stores
  58,085   on transportation at gas stations
  35,204   on miscellaneous expenses

$884,080 Total Daily Expenditures by Visitors to Moore County


$374.21 million total annual Moore County tourism revenues generated by travel and tourism.


As a result of these expenditures, visitors impact Moore County’s economy by:

  • Directly supporting over 4,880 jobs with a annual payroll of $81.3 million (several thousand more residents are indirectly employed by tourism).
  • Pay state and local taxes totaling $86,466 daily, saving each Moore County household more than $1,065 annually
  • Generate new revenues daily that can't be created any other way.
  • Place a minimal strain on our communities' infrastructure and public services.

Source Utilized:
U.S. Travel Association

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