Chef's Profile

Martin Brunner

The Bakehouse & Café
120 N. Poplar Street, Aberdeen
My family is from Gratz, Austria, where they owned a bakery. I was born and raised in Austria, and came to America when I was 13. My father is a certified master baker, his dad was a certified master baker. My grandfather was a baker as well, and his dad, too — so my grandfather is a third-generation baker, my father is fourth, I am the fifth. My wife and I have a son, and he’s hopefully going to be the sixth! My wife’s family is originally from Spain, and they owned a restaurant here in Aberdeen. She and I run the Bakehouse. My mother-in-law does the cooking; my dad bakes the bread for us.
We’re known for our cakes and pastries; we also have exquisite mousses, always fresh. We do a fresh-baked apple strudel every morning. I use a lot of from-scratch stuff, only the best ingredients. We try to go local 100%, all the way.
The biggest thing for us is we’re still a family business. I want to keep in touch with the business and with my product, so I can guarantee the quality of it. I don’t care about quantity, I’m all about quality.
Aberdeen is a quaint little town with a nice historic background. Believe it or not, in Aberdeen there are a lot of families here, younger families too, so we have a really great mix. Aberdeen is a really great area.

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