Chef's Profile

Warren Lewis

Chef Warren’s
215 NE Broad Street, Southern Pines
My wife, Marianne, and I consider ourselves lucky to have found a true home in Southern Pines, a community that supports artistic endeavors - culinary and otherwise. After more than 10 years of owning Chef Warren’s, we’re doing our level best to share the warmth of hospitality and the joy of what we produce with guests.
Our restaurant has a classic French bistro style. Since I’m in an open kitchen, I have a connection with guests’ experiences and am readily available to answer questions. It’s a warm and inviting environment, and we frequently hear from visitors that Chef Warren’s reminds them of their neighborhood bistro - a sense of familiarity that’s very comforting.

I grew up in a foodie family in New York, went to school At the University of Miami and then went on to receive my degree from the Culinary Institute of America in New York. Shortly after my wife and I met, we took off for a year of traveling. During our travels we found unique restaurants that have greatly influenced our own cuisine and ambience.
Printing our menu and wine list in-house allows us even greater flexibility to make changes and we have a strong and knowledgeable staff to keep up with the pace. Marianne and I like to think of our restaurant as a long-running dinner party; we’re excited to invite you to join us and we want you to have as much fun here as we do!