b'Elliotts On LindenMark Elliott and his team showcase the regions bounty in his restaurants daily and at events across the Sandhills Region of North Carolina. Chef Elliott has also opened The Sly Fox Gastropub and Provisions in Pinehurst, NC. Many folks know to call Elliotts Catering Company to ensure they have a most memorable event!in Aberdeen. Hatchet Brewing Company,whichthe pizzas. The hoagies are hearty and the salads opened in November 2019, is the newest craft beerhealthy. Try a hidden gem at Maxiesthis place is hang out located in Southern Pines. literally where the Pinehurst caddies gather after a Whether youre treating yourself on vacation or sa- long day on our legendary courses.tiating that ever-present sweet tooth, we have justFollow the enticing aromas to Southern Pines and the treat to meet your needs. Visit The Bakehousesit down for a culinary delight at Chapmans Food in Aberdeen for traditional European pastries and& Spirits. Start your meal with Chappys Beer cakes mixed with classic Southern charm.Cheese or the wicked good Lobsta Fries. But pace Grannys Donuts, Duck Donuts and Southernyourself to save room for the Bacon Jam Burger or Angel Donut Co. have amazing dunkers, so checkthe Shrimp & Artichoke and Spinach Ravioli.them out! Create your own trail of tasty treats downYour dining trail continues to deliver meals to brag the sidewalks of historic Southern Pines as youabout and a stop at The Sly Fox gastropub in sample the bites at C Cups Cupcakery (opened aSouthern Pines will have your taste buds believing second location in the Village of Pinehurst), The Iceyou are across the pond in Britain. The beer list Cream Parlor or Broad Street Bakery & Cafe. is wonderfully daunting with plenty of labels to Even the most avid golfers (as well as shoppers,discover. And the menu matches step for step with adventurers and history buffs) know that it is im- elevated pub favorites like Shepherds Pie, Poutine portant to fuel your passion. Here in Moore County,and ground-in-house burgers.we know that a great meal is more than just fuelWhen all that great food has you dozing off, you for the body; it is an experience of its own. Time toneed a jolt from a great cup of coffee. Good thing reconnect with friends and family across the table.The Roast Office in Pinehurst is serving up both Time to plan your next round of golf, next shop tohot and iced brews, as well as fruity concoctions like visit, next attraction to discover. Time to eat! smoothies and Italian sodas. Round out your order Drum & Quill Cocktails + Kitchen in Pinehurstwith a breakfast sandwich, quiche, muffin or cookie. consistently brings in glowing reviews like thisCheck out their lunch items, too!one from a Facebook fan: With a variety of menuThe House of Fish in Aberdeen, the brain child of selections from traditional southern specialtiesChef Danny Hayes, is a full service restaurant that (including fried green tomatoes) to ethnic selectionsserves fresh, made to order seafood. It is a place (including Korean and Mexican tacos) to vegetarianwhere you can truly enjoy great food, great service, dishes (including black bean burgers and grandand a great atmosphere, at a great price. Just one pimento sandwiches), theres literally something forbite and you will be hooked!everyone. Venues vary from street side to back patio to Roll up your sleeves and grab a slice at Pinehurstgarden and porch, spacious or quaint, adding a Pizza, where the decisions extend well beyondgraceful dimension to dining for one, for two or for 18 ::/homeofgolf @usahomeofgolf @homeofamericangolf'