b'There are 5 reasons why AgriTourism has been established. DID YOU KNOW?Creation of enjoyment Therootsofthefarmtoforktrend Moore County farms create a platform for people to come facestretchbacktothe1960sand70s to face with nature without necessarily being directly involvedwhenAmericansbecameincreasingly in farming and preservation of nature. Visitors enjoy both farm- dissatisfied with processed foods that ing and nature and have an opportunity to appreciate whatthey found bland. One of the first farm nature has to offer in terms of their survival and enjoyment.totablerestaurantsthatopenedup Therefore farms offer a platform for enjoyment of sustainablewas Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California farming, environment and wildlife in the community environ- in 1971.ment.Source of revenue In 1986, Carlo Perini founded the Slow Quite often many people engage in farming without aiming atFood Organization in Italy. Back in the maximizing the income from the farm. Many farmers aim atStates, pioneers like Alice Waters arose. only maximizing the income through the sale of the products ofAlice, a champion of local, sustainable the farm and do not consider other sources of income.Mooreagriculture, opened the legendary Chez County has introduced a tourism angle to farming with the aimPanisse in 1971. In 2003, Kimbal Musk of maximizing income farming activities. The farm has madestarted The Kitchen in Boulder, CO.some few modifications to farming in order to attract visitors to the farm.We know there are many people willing to pay to visit our farms for enjoyment and learning if they are invited.We have created an ideal environment for the visitors to come to local farms.Involving the local communityMost Moore County farms are located within a rural commu-nity. Moore County has come to appreciate that the success of our farms depends on how we get the local community in-volved in the activities of these farms. There are so many op-portunities of interest to the visitors and our farms can sell their fresh farm produce to the visitors that come to the area.Agritourism takes visitors to the rural areasOur farms are located in a rural area with opportunities and ex-citing attractions for visitors who come to the area. Pick-your-own, farm stays, holiday events, hay rides, pumpkin picking, corn mazes, etc. Therefore agritourism is a catalyst to commu-nity development in our area.Build relationships between the agricultural community and tourismA number of people living in urban areas do not appreciate the role of the agricultural community to the development of the country. Moore County farms have created a platform for creating relationship between the local agricultural community and visitors who come to the farm for enjoyment. The visitors appreciatetheimportanceofthecommunitytotheirwell being.EducationWe all know the saying that learning does not stop until one completes his or her life journey in the world. Our farms have created an opportunity for visitors to learn how farming, pres-ervation of environment and tourism can be sustainably com-bined.Farmers Markets For the freshest produce for farm-to-table, look no further than our beautiful farm stands and fresh farmers markets. Moore County Farmers Market Takes place Mondays in Pinehurst, and Thursdays & Saturdays in Southern Pines, April through September. Saturday at the Village Green West in the Village of Pinehurst, from April through September, enjoy the freshest fruits and vegetables and local, handmade goods. Aberdeen Farmers Market in downtown Aberdeen is on Saturdays.Kalawi Farm 1515 NC Hwy. 211, Eagle Springs, NC. Homemade ice cream every summer and seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables. Open April through November each year.Ken Chappells Peaches and Apples 672 Hwy. 211 Eagle Springs, NC. Kens hand-picked peaches and apples can be found both at the Sandhills Farmers Market and his pop-up stand in Eagle Springs. Buy a bushel or pick your own in-season!27 ::/homeofgolf @usahomeofgolf @homeofamericangolf'