b'Mural TourC A R T H A G E , A B E R D E E N & R O B B I N SRobbins and Moore County salute our Astronaut Capt. Charles E. Brady, Jr M.D. The main part of mural is based on the official crew photo authorized by NASA and has the mission STS-78 logo, medical emblem representing his M.D. status and amateur radio call sign N4BQW. The members of the Carthage Mural Committee had a visionvisitors strolling the streets of downtown Carthage, NC exploring the town in their search for more murals. The Committee selected artist Scott Nurkin from Chapel Hill In downtown Aberdeen, the 65-footfrom among a dozen people who applied to long painting by Chris Dalton ofpaint the first mural and thus, The Carthage Sanford, is packed with sightsMural Project began. Three murals, all by Scott and symbols tied to the townsNurkin, are now completed. More murals are in history. In a nod to the townsthe planning stages and will be located near the economic roots, the mural showsCourthouse.an Aberdeen and Rockfish Railroad Company locomotive hauling once-popular local exports such as lumber and turpentine.Jack Fralin, a Roanoke, Va. mural painter, works recently restoring the Coca-Cola mural in downtown Ab-erdeen. Fralin has traveled to several small towns in North Carolina restor-ing old Coca-Cola murals, freshening them up with vibrant colors.40 ::/homeofgolf @usahomeofgolf @homeofamericangolf'