b'Linda Dalton Pottery JLK Jewelry at Jugtown PotteryS E A G R O V E & Pottery J U G T O W N P O T T E R SPottery fans rejoice!Historic Busbee Road is home to a collection of amazing potters producing everything from delicate ceramic dishware to funky jewelry and one-of-a-kind art sculpture like you wont find anywhere else in the world. Pottery, traditional, historical reproduc-tions, sculptural, contemporary, hand forged iron work-both decorative and functional, handmade jewelry and a wide variety of crafts (glass, wood, textiles, books, cards, candles and more) are also available. For even more treasures, discover nearby Seagrove, the Pottery Capital of the USA. Eleven shops, including a museum, a jeweler, a blacksmith and a variety of handmade crafts, all in less than a three-mile scenic drive, where pottery has been made continuously for over one hundred years. Busbee Road is about five miles north of Robbins and seven miles south of Seagrove. For help plan-ning your trip and specific addresses, visit www.potteryofbusbeeroad.com.ThemoderneraofSeagrovepot-tery began in 1917 with the arrival of a married couple from Raleigh, Jacques and Juliana Busbee, bothartistswholovedpottery.The story is that the Busbees traced anorangepiedishbacktoits source,whichledthemtothe Seagrovearea,about85miles Ben Owen Pottery west of Raleigh.42 ::/homeofgolf @usahomeofgolf @homeofamericangolf'