b'SpotlightO N T O U R I S MBonnie McPeake, CHAFor more than three decades, Bonnie McPeake has successfully navigated hotel and real estate businesses through uncertain and thriving econo-mies.Her experience has earned her the respect of community leaders throughout the corporate marketplace.McPeake Hotels also owns thirteen commercial Partnerships and acquisitions throughout herrental properties in Southern Pines, Aberdeen tenure as a property owner and realtor have in- and Concord, North Carolina.cluded hotels and historic properties, commercial, and rental buildings.Since her first hospitalityBonnie McPeake continues to share her knowl-investment in 1982, Bonnies properties have edge with a variety of organizations. She has consistently demonstrated growth and longevity. been a Board Member with the Pinehurst Southern Pines Aberdeen Convention & Visitors Properties currently owned and operated byBureau for more than 25 years and has served McPeake Hotels, Inc. include the brand newin all Officer positions.She served as the Chair-TownePlace Suites by Marriott, and the Hamptonwoman for the years of 2018 and 2019.Bonnie Inn & Suites, both in Aberdeen, NC and both de- McPeake, CHA, has served on Best Western veloped by McPeake Hotels.The hotels continueInternational Board of directors, one of seven in to report growth in both tourist and businessNorth America that oversee the entiretravel markets.Bonnie has had these franchisedcompany, since October 2005.Director of properties since 2002 and 2016 respectively. District IV, McPeake represented the interests of 4800 hotel owners all over the world. In 2009 Her Hampton Inn & Suites, which she built inBonnie completed a one-year term as its chair-2007, was her greatest accomplishment andwoman, only the second female in this position represents her and her familys life work.Comingin the then 63 year history of Best Western, the from a family of eleven and being a coalminersWorlds Largest Hotel Chain.daughter, this achievement was a dream come true. A self-made businesswoman, she has risen through the ranks of hard work and business The fulfillment continued with the grand openingsavvy to be counted among the states top in 2016 of the new 89 room TownePlace Suites. hospitality professionals.Bonnie continues to contribute to the hospitality and tourism in the In 2018 she began construction on a Hilton Carolinas.Bonnie resides in Southern Pines, Garden Inn, scheduled to open in 2020. North Carolina.In 2003, McPeake and her family were honoredMcPeake Hotels continues and will continue to with the Best Western brands first-ever Legacybe successful with the career and contribution Award, recognizing the Best Western owner whoof Bonnies son, Samuel II, VP of Operations, and fully embodies the positive family and communityher daughter-in-law Melissa, Controller.Samuel spirit of the hotel chain.was born in the hotel business and has more than 25 years experience working in theindustry and is Bonnies successor.Tourism works for each of us, every day.58 ::/homeofgolf @usahomeofgolf @homeofamericangolf'