Seagrove Wood Fire Weekend

June 5-6, 2021

The third annual Seagrove Wood Fire Weekend Pottery Tour is set for June 5-6, 2021 in the area known as the “Pottery Capital of the U.S.” The weekend kicks off at 10am on Saturday, June 5 and the event is a great opportunity to see the latest creations and meet the artisans in their actual studios. Learn more about the rich traditions of the Seagrove culture and talk with the potters about how their inspirations and works.

Admission is free and visitors can obtain a map of area pottery studios at the Luck’s Cannery, or at the North Carolina Pottery Center, both located in historic Seagrove.

Seagrove is a tight-knit and historic community as potters fire some, or all of their work in wood fire kilns. Some of the potters trace their family history back for generations to farmers who used local clay to craft wares. Some learned the craft by apprenticing with local potters. Others have been drawn to the community after studying in faraway places like Estonia and Japan; or at Alfred College in New York and the High Mowing School in New Hampshire; or closer-by at East Carolina University and N.C. State University.

Seagrove is warm and welcoming community, so make plans to discover what’s new and exciting during this inspiring weekend with the area’s special artists. They look forward to meeting you.