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While Pinehurst Resort was founded in 1895, the history of the Sandhills region of North Carolina dates back to the sixth century when Indians of the Siouan family inhabited the area. The earliest European settlers came to the region about 1739. In subsequent years, The Highland Scots are most noted for establishing deeper roots in the Sandhills as they forged a thriving business based on the vast forest of longleaf pines.

In 1783, Moore, until that time a part of Cumberland, officially become a County. The new County was named for Alfred Moore of Brunswick, a famous militia colonel in the Revolutionary War, and later a Supreme Court of the United States judge.

These days, Moore County is known as the Home of American Golf and host to multiple U.S. Open Championships, a second headquarters for the United States Golf Association and the World Golf Hall of Fame. Equestrian also has a lone history in the Sandhills, pre-dating the arrival of the sports of golf.

A Beautiful display of historical photos and information can be seen in the hallways of Pinehurst Resort’s Carolina Hotel. More information is available at the Tufts Archives in Pinehurst.

History buffs can spend days exploring all that Moore County has to offer, so be sure to check out some of recommendations below. Antiquing is also a popular pastime and the town of Cameron is host to a pair of well-attended events each spring and fall. While these antique events draw thousands of people each year, the local shops are open year-round for those that love to explore them at their leisure.


Suggested Itineraries


Day 1: Historical Golf Tour

Start the Morning with a tour of the Pinehurst Resort including The Carolina Hotel, Clubhouse and view golf courses including famed Pinehurst No. 2. Be sure to stop by to view the statures of famed golf architect Donald Ross and Payne Stewart, winner of the 1999 US Open. Croquet or Tennis anyone? Visit the Pinehurst tennis facility, croquets courts, lawn bowling greens or just sit in a rocking chair on the porch. Take a self-guided walking tour in the Village of Pinehurst, tour Tufts Archives, and stop in the quaint shops along the way.

Lunch in a legendary inn or one of the village’s many restaurants or cafes.

Take an afternoon drive along picturesque Midland Road the “Fifth Avenue of Golf” on the way to Southern Pines, viewing the eight golf courses that you’ll pass, and stopping at the Midland Road Shops. Tour Mid Pines Inn and Golf Club and Pine Needles Lodge and Golf Club, site of the US Women’s Open Championship in 1996, 2001, and again in 2007. At Pine Needles take in a golf demonstration. End the day strolling through more quaint shops in the historic downtown of Southern Pines.

Day 2: Historical Homes, Antiques, NC Literary Hall of Fame & Equestrian

Tour the 1772 House in the Horseshoe, a State Historic Site. The pre-revolutionary war house is a former cotton plantation with special architectural features. Bullet holes are still visible from a 1781 skirmish between Whigs and Tories, now reenacted each August.

Drive to Vass where you may lunch at Homegrown Restaurant. Check out a sweet small store called Willabee Market and pick up or make something fun Art Works Vass.

Take a leisurely stroll down Main Street in Cameron and enjoy the many fine antique shops, complete with something for everyone.

Cheers to your day at James Creek Cider House in Cameron.

Check the Convention & Visitors Bureau Calendar of Events for the dates of the Bi- Annual Cameron Antique Fair, traditionally held on first Saturday of May and October each year. Over 300 antique dealers are in attendance with something for everyone.

End the day in Southern Pines, driving through Equestrian Country along Young’s Road, and touring the Weymouth Center for the Arts and Humanities on Connecticut Avenue. Enjoy one of the many breweries, restaurants or evening at Red’s Corner  Food truck Rodeo and more!

Day 3: SCC Horticultural Gardens, Pottery Country

Breakfast in Southern Pines or the Village of Pinehurst before going to the Sandhills Horticultural Gardens on the campus of Sandhills Community College to enjoy the many exhibits, sculptures, and beautifully groomed and diverse gardens.

Drive along the “Pottery Highway”, NC Route 705, to Northern Moore County Pottery country and the Seagrove area for lunch, visiting some of the many potteries along the way.

Spend the afternoon at the NC Pottery Center in Seagrove, one of the largest and oldest communities of working potters in the United States. You can view the working potters throwing pots and purchase every type of pottery imaginable including salt-glazed, crystalline, earthenware and much more at over 105 pottery shops in the Seagrove area. The Convention & Visitors Bureau can provide you with a pottery map which lists many of the potters in Northern Moore County and Seagrove.

Then and Now A Photo History of Southern Pines

Located at: Southern Pines Water Department, Weekdays,8:30 am to 5:00 pm 180 SW Broad Street Next to Post Free Admission

Was Southern Pines always the way it is today? Pretty much so, with the exception of sand roads and wild pigs running around in the yards and downtown. The historical association will host a new exhibit “Southern Pines Then and Now.” The exhibit will feature photographs taken 100 years ago and what the same area looks like today. Thanks to the town’s preservation efforts, you will be amazed at the number of structures that are still here and thriving. One photo of special importance is a 1920 photograph of the Boyd family and hounds, passing the 1820 Shaw House. So it is more than just the structures but the organizations especially our equestrian community that still thrives and is an essence of the town.


For More information about Moore County History:

Moore County Historical Society

Moore County Website

Sandhills Women’s Exchange


Enjoy our local antique shops and historical points of interest.

What treasures will you find?