Moore Miracles for the Holidays

The power is back on in Moore County, NC!

On the night of Saturday, December 3, Moore County was the victim of a malicious act of vandalism that destroyed a pair of substations resulting in a massive power outage. Thousands of our residents were without power for days. Our local businesses, shop owners, restaurants and hotels were all without power at a critical time of year during the holidays.

For many businesses, the holidays are a major source of revenue to keep them afloat. For some, the holiday season can make or break their year. In the spirit of the holidays, we are asking you to support our local businesses by purchasing either a gift card(s), or to plan a visit to support our local shops, restaurants, pubs, attractions, hotels and more! Please see our links to shopping, dining, and hotels below and contact them directly either online, by phone, or make plans to see them in person.

We appreciate your support and generosity. We’re expecting Moore Miracles for the holidays!