Southern Pines Welcomes New Downtown Mural


The town of Southern Pines is proud of its newest mural that pays tribute to the long history of equestrian pursuits in Moore County, NC. The art was created by mural artist Nick Napoletano who stated that his design is a “nod to the critical role horses have played in Southern Pines, from the Native Americans to our modern residents.” The mural is located in downtown Southern Pines at 375 South Broad Street and adorns the building that houses Scott’s Table restaurant, Sunny Side Up Tanning & Boutique and other small businesses. The building is owned by local businessman Steve Harbour.

According to Napoletano, “the world is really a beautiful place, and hopefully this mural reminds people that we can find beauty in unusual corners of our towns, and our cities and our planet.” Other details of the mural include two birds carrying strings that when examined more closely are actually unraveling DNA strands. The birds represent the parents of Steve Harbour, who passed the building onto their children.

Learn more about the mural and the artist in the video produced by the Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Aberdeen Area CVB.