One Time Project Fund


Moore County Tourism Development Authority

One Time Project Fund (OTPF)
2023 Grant Guidelines

Grant Application 

The Purpose of the One Time Project Fund (OTPF) is to encourage creation or expansion of capital projects that will showcase Moore County’s unique offerings and will attract visitors from outside a fifty (50) mile radius, thus generating overnight stays and creating economic/destination impact for Moore County.


The Moore County Tourism Development Authority (MCTDA) aka Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Aberdeen Area Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) is the legislatively mandated entity responsible for collecting occupancy tax for all paid accommodations in the county and determines by law the allocation of those dollars to drive overnight visitation. The MCTDA collects a 3% occupancy tax and invests those funds in a variety of tourism marketing efforts.


All Grants will be awarded to Capital Projects and are defined as follows:

New construction, expansion, renovation, or a replacement project for an existing facility or facilities. The project must have a minimum budget of $50,000. All grants will be awarded on a competitive basis, with primary consideration given to applications that focus on the following:

  • Enhance the destination experience for both visitors and residents
  • Attract overnight visitors from more than fifty (50) miles outside of Moore County
  • Shovel-ready projects will be preferred
  • Project funding is up to a 50/50 match for all applicants
  • No studies or maintenance projects


All awarded One Time Project Funds must be used by December 31, 2024. Applications will be accepted May 15, 2023 through Friday, August 18, 2023.

The MCTDA cannot guarantee that all applicants will be awarded funding. Funding may be awarded for less than the amount requested or not at all. Limited funds may not allow all projects to receive funding. Preference will be given to the projects that best demonstrate the above criteria. Final decisions regarding the award of grant funds are at the sole discretion of the MCTDA Board of Directors.


Who is on the OTPF Review Committee?

The OTPF Review Committee will be comprised of a total of five (5) members. Two of those members will be MCTDA Board Members and three (3) will be independent community business members. The MCTDA Administrative Committee will send recommendations of OTPF Review Committee members to the full MCTDA Board of Directors for approval.

Who is eligible to apply for the OTPF?

Municipalities and non-profits (with a tourism appeal) in Moore County.


What are examples of the type of eligible projects?

  • Greenway or Trail Projects
  • Facility Enhancements
  • Parks & Outdoor Recreation Development
  • Arts, Historical or Culturally Based Attractions
  • Other projects that will expand, strengthen and sustain local tourism


What are the OTPF grant requirements?

All applications are assessed on the following requirements. If an application fails to meet the requirements of the OTPF Review Committee, it can deny consideration of funds.

  • Funding must be for capital investments only. Cannot include operational expenses in funding request.
  • All projects must demonstrate that it will create substantial new and incremental overnight stays in Moore County.
  • The OTPF will only fund projects that have up to a 50/50 matching budget (excluding in-kind goods & services).
  • OTPF funds cannot be first or only funds committed to a project.
  • For-profit entities are not eligible for OTPF funding.
  • Applications will be accepted May 15, 2023 through Friday, August 18, 2023.


How do you apply for the OTPF and what is the timeline?

  • Applications will be available at
  • Application period: May 15, 2023 through Friday, August 18, 2023.
  • Applications can be sent to or dropped off in person to the MCTDA at 155 W. New York Ave., Suite 300, Southern Pines, NC. Attn: Phil Werz, President & CEO
  • All applications will be reviewed by the MCTDA OTPF Review Committee. They will then provide funding recommendations to the full MCTDA Board of Directors at the scheduled October 2023 meeting for approval and final decision.
  • OTPF Review Committee may request in-person presentation if they feel they need to learn more about a specific grant application.
  • Failure to meet the deadline will result in the application not being considered for funding during the grant cycle.
  • All material submitted as part of an application will be a matter of public record, subject to Chapter 132 G.S. 132-1 of NC laws.
  • We anticipate OTPF grant award notifications will be sent via email and letter after the October 2023 MCTDA Board Meeting.


How will the grant application be evaluated?

  • Project information: includes timeline, strength of application, uniqueness, and innovation of project. Details are a must.
  • Financial Strength: includes stability of organization, strength of business plan, and the proof that up to a 50/50 match is possible.
  • Project impact: includes expected room nights generated, size of market to be served, expected community impact, and ability to market project upon completion.



Send Fully Completed Applications to:

Attn: Phil Werz

Moore County Tourism Development Authority (MCTDA) aka

Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Aberdeen Area CVB

155 W. New York Ave., Suite 300

Southern Pines, NC 28387



  • Failure to use funds as specified in the award letter will result in nonpayment of the funding allocation.
  • Failure to include the MCTDA website as directed will result in non-payment of the funding allocation.
  • Applicants who do not comply with all deadlines and stipulations may be disqualified and ineligible to receive OTPF funding.



The Moore County Tourism Development Authority (MCTDA) reserves the right to accept or reject an application if it doesn’t meet the requirements.



Average Daily Rate (ADR): The average overnight rate paid by guests over a given period of time in a given market. This rate does not include taxes and fees paid by the guest. The MCTDA uses the Smith Travel Report (STR) for lodging rate.


Occupancy Tax: A tax paid by guests staying in a paid overnight accommodation such as a hotel, motel, vacation rental or bed and breakfast. Guests visiting Moore County pay 3% occupancy tax.


Out-of-Market: A term used to describe guests who reside outside of the Moore County market. The MCTDA defines out-of-market as someone living more than 50 miles away. Nearby out-of-markets include: Raleigh-Durham, Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, Charlotte, and Wilmington. Further markets include: Atlanta, Washington, DC, Charleston, Richmond, Tidewater area of Virginia.


Room Nights: One room night is defined as a single night spent in one room in a traditional lodging property or one night in a vacation, or short-term rental. If there are two or more guests staying in the room, vacation, or short-term rental, it’s considered one room night.