(Picture of the PineCone)


Pinecone Pathways is a CVB program running in conjunction with VisitNC’s “Year of the Trail” initiative for 2023.

How to Find a Glass-Blown Pinecone

Anyone can be a seeker!

Hit the trails in Moore County (View the list here) between March 1, 2023, and August 31, 2023 in search of one of 100 hidden glass-blown pinecones, these glass-blown pinecones are exclusive to this program and cannot be purchased. Finders Keepers!

Area retailers will sporadically receive clues to hidden pinecone locations, so it is best to keep checking in on this site, or various social media outlets in Moore County throughout the program for updates and clues.


  1. We ask that you only keep ONE pinecone per seeker, per year. If you are lucky enough to find more than one (WOW, what luck!), please leave it where you found it or you may swap it with the first one you found if you like it better.
  2. Please register your find and share on social media #homeofgolfpinecones and you will be entered to win a grand prize XXXXX
  3. Please stay on the trails. Pinecones will never be more than 2 feet off any trails.
  4. Pinecones will never be on Private Property.

Always watch for and be respectful of our animal friends and beautiful native flora.

About our Artist: Starworks a local non-profit and arts-centered work community that promotes community and economic development by providing outstanding artistic educational programs and business ventures. They strive to engage the community with artwork and artists of the highest caliber. Starworks is a project of Central Park NC.

Similar pieces can be found at:  Shop Starworks

Found one of our glass-blown pinecones?

Congratulations! Finding one of the elusive glass blown pinecones is very special! We would love to share in your excitement. Kindly share the below information with us to be entered for a chance to win the grand prize! Be sure to share your find with friends and family and on social media! #homeofgolfpinecones

Please provide your email address if you would like to enter for the grand prize.