Welcome to Cloverfield, your private retreat rested on 6 acres in Southern Pines, NC.

We are the Cramer Family & we are thrilled to have the opportunity to host you at our homestead in Southern

We bought our dream property in 2018 and took a year to make it into the beautiful retreat you are visiting.
This book contains information about The Barn and local community to help you enjoy your stay. You should find
everything you will need, but if you have a question that isn’t covered in here, please do get in touch and let us
know how we can help. We hope you enjoy yourself and visit us again in the future!

Three generations of Johnsons have grown quality fruit. We also grow nectarines, plums, Asian pears, bi color corn in June, okra, string beans, watermelons, cantaloupes and many other field crops!

Both born and raised in North Carolina, Ryan and Namaste were greatly influenced by their parents love of gardening and indoor/outdoor plants. They learned that you can never, ever have too many plants!!!

Namaste grew up in the foothills spending much of her time exploring the outdoors. She developed a love of plants as a kid, seeking serenity within grounds she ventured. Her love for plants grew more and more, as she grew older. Her countless frolics to her favorite gardens at Reynolda Village in Winston-Salem, was significantly influential. Some days were just too nice to go to her near by high school, so she ended up at these gardens instead……..and never got caught! She has worn numerous hats in the horticulture biz over the years. Being a grower and watching a plant grow and flourish, especially from a seed or cutting, has been most fulfilling for her. It is the simple things that makes us happiest. She has been in the horticultural industry for over 20 years. Namaste is the grower…….and the plant fanatic.

Ryan is from the Sandhills area. He was born with a hammer in one hand and a fishing pole in his other hand. His love of the outdoors and nature keeps him inspired and motivated to create. Ryan has a construction business focusing on all aspects of home renovations. In his spare time, what he really enjoys is creating his own unique pieces of woodwork. He builds tables, stools and benches, either traditional or rustic style. He loves to make wooden swords and hammers, along with beautiful custom canoe paddles. From furnishings, to toys and arbors, he can produce anything. He is an artist in his own right. Ryan is the creator….which means Namaste has a list of never ending projects.

Together with Namaste’s horticulture background and Ryan being a highly skilled carpenter, they decided to build a greenhouse. Designed from scratch, this one-of-a-kind greenhouse was built from salvaged sliding glass window inserts and cull lumber. In an attempt to find arrowheads in the creek bed, Ryan collected buckets on top of buckets of river rock for the footpath. Now, that is how to build a greenhouse on a shoestring budget! Along with their greenhouse, they try to keep honeybees. They bought their first hives in 2017. It has been a challenge, but very rewarding when you see a honeybee harvest pollen and nectar from your plants. The best part, though, is when you get your first taste of that honey! Outside of work, they still both love being outdoors in nature with their children, the birds, the trees and all the other wild things.


Welcome to Reverie Hill Farm!

We are the proud stewards of a family owned and operated homestead, located in the Sandhills region of North Carolina. We specialize in growing unique, and heirloom varieties of seasonal flowers, vegetables, and pumpkins. We offer flower bouquets, mason jar and specialty vase arrangements, custom floral design services, DIY buckets, mixed vegetable baskets, when available, and a wide variety of décor pumpkins in the fall. We also have a lovely little flower that we use on occasion at pop-up events around town. Our cart is also available to rent for your own special event!

We believe in finding joy, despite circumstance; that even in the midst of the most difficult struggles of life, little moments of joy can be found in the simplest of things. We have experienced those precious moments abundantly at Reverie Hill, and that is what guides us to pour our hearts into the things we grow. There is no greater reward for us than seeing the same joy we find here, in the eyes of others. It is our sincere hope that through the products and services we provide, you will find it too, even if only for a moment.

Whether we are hosting your guests inside the manor or barn, around the pool, or among the beautiful pastures and strong magnolia trees and live oaks, we strive to provide you with an upscale and serene experience. The property is situated on twenty-two acres, surrounded by open fields, horse trails, and falls within the 5,000-acre Walthour-Moss Foundation preservation project. Their goal to preserve nature as a sanctuary for wildlife and people, ensures that we can offer guests a retreat away from the busyness of life. This is a great location for retreats and large couples weekends.