Our mission is to provide a contemporary spin on classic Mexican dishes and crafted cocktails!

About Us

We are a husband and wife team who moved to Moore county four years ago. Ian is in the military which caused us to move around frequently, allowing us to live in several states and even across the world in Germany. We decided Moore county has our heart and we have made Moore county our forever home!

I am Klarissa and I have always been a crafty person always needing to make stuff during my free time. I first got a laser machine four years ago and have been selling my handmade items at a local store in Aberdeen for the last two years.

When the opportunity was presented to us to lease this shop, we jumped on it! Once we walked in the shop we immediately imagined an ice cream shop due to the black and white tiled flooring. Our friends also suggested a place to have dessert in Carthage so an ice cream shop was decided.

Please come enjoy some locally made hard ice cream or flavor burst soft serve and shop around some of Klarissa’s handmade gifts.

We hope to see you soon!

-Ian, Klarissa, and kids

Coffee. Cats. Smiles.

Introducing Moore County’s FIRST cat cafe – located in historic downtown Carthage, NC!

Offering the best aspects of a coffee shop – locally roasted coffee and baked goods, free Wi-Fi, and a relaxing lounge – just add CATS! Watch our adoptable cats from the cafe or join them for play and cuddles in the cat playroom.

Luxury Party Shoppe • Gifts • Bespoke Event Rentals • Hostess Ware • Balloon Bar Coming Soon to Aberdeen

Distinctive & Bold

Red’s Corner is a beer garden and food truck park with a two-acre outdoor green space neatly organized to provide utilities and amenities enabling up to 6 food trucks to remain on a permanent, semi-permanent, or daily basis. The taproom, an inviting Carolina cottage situated at the entrance of the property, features a classic “southern porch” where people can sit in the shade under fans and sip cold beer, wine, and other popular drinks as they relax awaiting their food.

Red’s Corner is open to local vendors as a “farmers market” for their produce or crafts, and for fun seasonal events like a pumpkin patch in the fall for kids, Christmas trees and hot chocolate in the winter, and live music or outdoor movies in the spring and summer. Finally, Red’s is the perfect location for family reunions, work gatherings, wedding parties, or other occasions.  

Just off Interstate HWY 1, on the southeast corner of SW Broad Street and Morganton Ave, Red’s Corner is adjacent to Southern Pines’ downtown business district and is at the geographic epicenter of the explosion in housing and business expansion projects currently underway in the Southern Pines/Aberdeen/Pinehurst communities.  

Twelve beer taps will serve a variety of beers and a fun non-alcoholic root beer for kids. The beer selection will be a mix of national best sellers to satisfy everyone’s taste, while a variety of regional favorites will offer a chance for folks to enjoy great microbrews.  Red and White wine, seltzers and Kombucha will also be sold for those who want to enjoy something different with their meal or after morning yoga on the lawn.

Utility services (power, fresh water, sanitary sewer, propane refills, garbage/refuse management) for up to 6 food trucks to “hook up” and operate/remain indefinitely. Commissary kitchens: one kitchen is adjacent to the property and others are located within 1 mile. Limited dry storage available.

Southern style porches and arbors with fans and heaters for comfortable seating. Fire pit and water feature (in the future). Farmers market where local vendors will be able to set up a cart out on the lawn and sell their produce or crafts each day. Lawn sculptures/jungle gym for children to enjoy. Dog friendly so our best friends can join us

Serving Southern Pines, Pinehurst and Aberdeen, NC.
Join us as we fuel your inner Foodie!


Foodie Tours Story

As a travel foodie myself, I have always loved visiting new places and trying the local cuisine. I will often go for the cheapest flights and hotels to save for the food and activities in the area. After participating in many food tours in these cities all over the world from Rome to Paris, I decided to bring back this classic activity to small towns across the US. Starting in Moore County, NC. Foodie Tours works directly with restaurants to learn where the food comes from and the history behind each cuisine.

The historic steam plant provided power to the Village of Pinehurst at its inception in 1895. Overgrown and long abandoned, we saw a chance to bring the steam plant back to life. To provide a different kind of energy to the Village. A place where neighbors and friends can gather, share a beer, some great food and simply recharge their spirit.

Steam Plant Vintage.jpg

During the extensive renovation, care was taken to maintain as much of the original building as possible. The façade and the unique brick corbeling has been preserved and the vintage arches and windows have all been restored. Inside the brewhouse, the brick walls remain blackened from the decades it housed massive steam boilers. Original valves and pipes have been repurposed as legs beneath tables, light fixtures above the booths or simply remain on the brick walls.

Outside, the smokestack that was taken down years ago has been rebuilt. The trellis above the beer garden is designed to mimic the train track that was used to deliver coal to the plant. The trellis is supported by the same pylons that held the track in the early 1900s.

Pinehurst Brewing Co. is a unique experience, made all the more so by the walls that surround it. We look forward to sharing our special home with you.

Located in the Village of Pinehurst, PBC occupies what was the original steam plant that powered the Village in 1895. Enjoy beer brewed on site and a diverse lunch and dinner menu. Don’t miss the barbecue and ribs from the smokehouse, seasoned and cooked to perfection.

Craft beer Brewed on site
Smokehouse & Kitchen

Live Music Friday

Pizzeria Grazia serves Authentic Neapolitan Pizzas, Creative Salads & Sandwiches, Antipasti, and Desserts in a casual, counter service style setting. No reservations required, come on by!



At Lynette’s Bakery and Cafe, we welcome everyone with open arms and are proud to serve authentic dishes made with love! Our menu consists of a unique combination of our family’s original Cuban recipes with standard Latin and American dishes. The fusion of these two worlds defines not only the food we serve but also the culture and atmosphere that makes up Lynette’s Bakery and Cafe – Cuban roots with a twist of American culture. If you are looking for the perfect dessert or authentic Cuban foods to kick off your holiday event, wedding day, office party, or another special occasion, look no further than Lynette’s.

Our bakers start working before the sun rises each day to ensure that every batch is as fresh as possible before it gets to you. The warm smell of baked goods often escapes onto the street before we’ve even opened! In our cafe, we are dedicated to kickstarting your morning with warm Cuban pastelitos, buttery stuffed biscuits, made-to-order breakfast sandwiches, and freshly brewed coffee or Cuban espresso!