Retail/Office Space Downtown Carthage, NC. Our historic building has a unique combination of both!

Come visit The Tyson Sinclair Family and Get A Personal Retail Experience!! We Love our Community and our Customers!! Support these veteran owned and small business owners during this Christmas Holiday season You will be Giving Back to your Community and finding something Unique!!


City Barber Shop Carthage, NC

Creative Fibers Carthage

The Tyson Sinclair

Love You More – Home Decor

The Market 107

Practical POSH

The Soup Company

Susa Hibachi Grill of Carthage

The Watering Can

DAHR is a sister store to Furniture in the Pines, and is a furniture studio and lifestyle boutique all about beauty and discovery. We blend furniture, design, fashion and home decor to create a lifestyle we all desire. DAHR will be constantly evolving and changing to keep telling our story in new and interesting ways.