ARTworks Vass is a labor of love that’s part Gallery, part Classroom, and part Artists’ Studios.  We long to be a place of Community where Artists and Art Lovers gather for inspiration, creativity, and conversation. 

Opened since 1985, we produce one of a kind, decorative and functional pieces, including hand-carved pieces fired with wood and Raku fired pieces using horse hair technique. Baby plates and special orders are taken, and gift certificates are available. 

North Carolina potters with contemporary designs, wood, ash glazes and copper red glazes. Wheel thrown pottery and sculptures available.

Eck McCanless is a second generation Seagrove potter who started making pots when he was a child in his parents’ shop, Dover Pottery. He began making pottery professionally in 1993. Eck turns graceful and complicated forms with ease. Although he creates many different styles of pottery, his focus is mainly Agateware and sometimes Crystalline.

Charlie and Linda Riggs work together to create a variety of decorative types of pottery.  Most of their work is thrown by Charlie who takes time to make a very smooth surface that will later be polished with terra sigillata. Linda hand builds sculptural bowls, trays, animals and jewelry which are later finished with one of her specialty techniques–saggar firing or naked raku.

We moved to Whynot, NC in 1976 to live on the family farm and raise small livestock. We ended up fully embracing the pottery of the Seagrove area. Working together for the past forty years we have developed a style of work and palette of glazes to complement the clay beneath.

Chris Luther Pottery is run by fourth generation potter Chris Luther with his family in Seagrove, NC.