U.S. 1 north of Southern Pines to NC 24/27. Cameron is listed in the National Register, has three blocks of antique shops, vintage homes and churches housed in structures dating to the 1870’s.

Cameron is well known for its antique shops and on the first Saturday in May and October, an antiques fair is held and attended by thousands of visitors. The quiet residential town rises to the occasion with lots of antiques and treasures for every kind of collector.

Cameron, North Carolina is a small town located in Moore County, in the Sandhills region of the state. The town has a rich history, dating back to the mid-19th century, and is known for its well-preserved historic district.

Cameron’s historic district is home to a variety of historic buildings, including homes, churches, and commercial buildings, many of which have been carefully restored and preserved. The town is also known for its antique shops, which offer a wide variety of unique and valuable items, including furniture, artwork, and collectibles.

In addition to its historic district and antique shops, Cameron is home to a variety of community events and festivals throughout the year, including the Cameron Antiques Fair, which draws visitors from around the region to browse through the town’s many antique shops.

Despite its small size, Cameron has a strong sense of community and a rich cultural heritage that makes it a unique and charming destination for visitors and residents alike.