About Us

We are a husband and wife team who moved to Moore county four years ago. Ian is in the military which caused us to move around frequently, allowing us to live in several states and even across the world in Germany. We decided Moore county has our heart and we have made Moore county our forever home!

I am Klarissa and I have always been a crafty person always needing to make stuff during my free time. I first got a laser machine four years ago and have been selling my handmade items at a local store in Aberdeen for the last two years.

When the opportunity was presented to us to lease this shop, we jumped on it! Once we walked in the shop we immediately imagined an ice cream shop due to the black and white tiled flooring. Our friends also suggested a place to have dessert in Carthage so an ice cream shop was decided.

Please come enjoy some locally made hard ice cream or flavor burst soft serve and shop around some of Klarissa’s handmade gifts.

We hope to see you soon!

-Ian, Klarissa, and kids