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“How am I meant to tell everyone?” Pooh wondered, “Everyone is an awful whole lot of people to tell a thing too.” 

Winnie-the-Pooh has tricks to help him out when thinking is required. One of his very best tricks is to ask for help from his friends and so he went to his very best friend, Piglet. 


“Hallo Piglet!” said Pooh. 

“Well hello P-Pooh!” said Piglet, who was just on his way to his own mailbox. 

“Piglet, I’m in a sort of a pickle.”

“Oh dear, what sort of a sort of a p-pickle?”

“The sort where I don’t know how to sort it.” 

“Oh my, have you tried to start at the beginning?” offered Piglet in his most helpful helping voice.  

“Well I don’t know where that is. . . you see, I need to invite everyone to a birthday party.” 

“That’s a wonderful sort of a pickle to be in!” said Piglet, delighted at the news. “Whose birthday is it?!” 

“It’s the Oldest Long Leaf Pine Tree in the whole wide wold’ses birthday,” Pooh declared, “and she is four hunbldy and sevantish—she is very, very old.” 

“O my! That’s wonderful! You know what else? You’ve begun to sort your pickle. You’ve just invited me.” Piglet took Pooh by the hand and smiled from floppy ear to floppy ear, his beady eyes gleaming, “Now let’s go and invite everyone else.”

Pooh’s tummy felt warm because he’d had a delicious breakfast and also because his problem had just turned into an adventure. Turning problems into adventures is a thing that good friends tend to do.