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Next Pooh and Piglet decided to go to the Bee Tree, because that’s where honey is gotten and what they needed was honey. 

They had been to the Bee Tree before. To say that getting honey could be a chore would be an understatement, which means that you could say it was very difficult, indeed. But Pooh had an idea. He didn’t have ideas often except when it came to acquiring honey. 

“Let’s just ask them for it,” he said. 

“W- w- why would that ever work?” Piglet worried. He didn’t like getting stung by bees, it was among his least favorite things to do. 

“Because I’ll ask politely.” Then, as though that settled the matter, Pooh put his plan into action by shouting up into the tree, “Hullo bees! We have come to invite you to a very special birthday party, for a very special tree. The Oldest Long Leaf Pine Tree in the whole wide world!”  The bees buzzed excitedly. They don’t often get invited to things. Least of all parties. 

“And also,” he continued politely, “to see if we might please borrow some honey as a present for the tree—from me and, I suppose, from you too!”  At this the bees hesitated, for making honey is an awful lot of work. After thinking about it, they decided that since it was for a most admirable tree, and since trees are very important to bees, they would share their honey, just as the dim little bear had so politely asked. So they chewed a hole in their nest and a stream of honey flowed down. 

“Hooray!” cried Pooh and held his pot aloft to be filled. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”  He briefly considered that he could get honey this way again by lying but then quickly remembered that he wasn’t a bear who lied. Except when he pretended momentarily to understand things which he did not actually understand not because he wished to deceive people but because he didn’t want his not understanding to make them feel bad when they were clearly trying to help him to understand. 

“T – th – hank you very much!” said Piglet, who was very relieved to not be stung. “See you at the party!”