Whenever the Hundred Acre Wood is in the Sandhills, Eeyore can be found at the Harness Track. It is where horses go to prance and where Eeyore goes to feel sorry for himself. 

“Hallo Eeyore!” cried Pooh. 

“H-h-hi there!”, said Piglet,” wonderful day today isn’t it?” 

“It is?”, sighed Eeyore, “It is impressive how different things can seem to different animals. Why just now I was thinking about how today could hardly get worse.” 

“Oh no,” Piglet wrung his hands, ” Are you in a pickle?”

“Sort of. It’s my legs. They’re too floppity. They can’t do that,” Eeyore slowly motioned through the fence to the track where horses were galloping merrily round. 

“O-oh I s-s-see,” piglet offered,” you’re jealous.” 

“No, only sad.” 

“I sometimes get sad that I’m not clever. . er” offered Pooh. ” but then I remember that if I were then I wouldn’t be me. And then . . . well anything could happen. ” 

“Quite. . .” moaned Eeyore. 

“Well, do you want to gallop like them?” asked Piglet impatiently.

“Heavens no! Whatever for?” 

“There you are, you needn’t gallopy legs.” 

“Oh I suppose you’re right, and I’m wrong – which is usually the case with things.” 

And then Piglet told Eeyore all about the party as fast as he could since it was drawing quite near and they would need to arrive very soon. Eeyore had many misgivings since parties involve mainly being cheery, all of which Piglet addressed one by painstaking one. 

While Piglet talked, Winnie the Pooh got bored, and when he gets bored he thinks of things to do, and when he thinks of things to do he thinks of eating and when he thinks of eating he thinks of honey and it was then that he realized that he was holding a whole pot of honey in the most lovely pot you’ve ever seen. Pooh began to eat the honey and found to his pleasure that he wasn’t bored any more. Not at all.