What is the facility size? 

31 acres total with 6 rectangular fields, all fields are lighted, parking for approximately: 300 cars, restrooms, concessions, offices, and pavilions.

How many athletes can it hold? 

If using the fields at the same around 120.

How many spectators can the facility hold?

Approximately 500 if cars are parked properly or shuttle used.

How are the seating arrangements for the spectators?

It is suggested to bring a lawn chair for spectator seating.  Very limited bleacher space (by design) and they do have designed handicapped parking and viewing areas.

What are the sports that can be played on the fields?

Rectangular sports primarily – soccer, lacrosse, flag football, field hockey, and other sports of a similar nature.

Does the Aberdeen Ransdell Sportsplex have concession stands available for rent? 

Yes, it has a concession stand, rental available in conjunction with a use of the field(s).

What type of ground is it turf and/or grass- what is the break down- fields that have grass or turf etc.? 

5 full fields are natural grass and 1 field (slightly smaller in size) is artificial turf.

For rental information, please contact The Town of Aberdeen Park & Recreation Department at: (910)944-7275