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“Oh no!” Piglet squealed. “ You’ve spoiled the tree’s birthday present!” 

“Oh my. Do you suppose more honey is in order?” 

“We haven’t the time.”  Piglet shivered and waived his tiny hands about like we was trying to swim, or fly,  “ the party is due to begin in only a few moments, we don’t have time for any distractions at all.” 

“Hallo Tigger! However did you get there?” asked Pooh, quite distracted. 

Tigger had suddenly appeared on top of Winnie the Pooh’s head. It was startling and very distracting.

“I bounced a great pounce!” declared Tigger, leaning over and looking into Pooh’s eyes with his upside down ones. “Say, it’s sticky up here.” 

“Tigger, there’s a party happening for the Oldest Longleaf Pine Tree in the Whole Wide World!”  Piglet wanted to invite him quickly before he disappeared or did anything else startling. 

“That’s where I’m headed! Where are you two hooligans off too?”

“To the party.” said Pooh

Tigger leaned forward and looked surprised upside down at Pooh, who’s head he was still very much upon. “How did you know about the party!?” 

“W – we just invited you! D-d-idn’t we?”  squealed Piglet.

“You most certainly did not” Tigger stated flatly, while Pooh and Piglet tried to remember whether they had he added,  “Well I’d like to extend a formal invitation to you both to the Birthday Party for the Oldest . . . thingy lady in the whole wide forest. “ 

“Oh thank you very much,” said Pooh, “it would be an honor.”

“Woohoo!” shouted Tigger, and promptly bounced into the woods, “ see you two hooligans there! “ 

“Wait Tigger!” shouted Piglet, “ What present are you taking!?” 

“Why myself, naturally!” Came the distant reply.

Where to Bounce and Have Fun like Tigger in the Sandhills